About Our Doctors


Presently the three Doctors of Chiropractic at the Means family Chiropractic Clinic are Dr. Mark C. Means, Dr. Rick A. Means, and Dr. Rick A. Means II.

Dr. Mark C. Means established the Means family Chiropractic Clinic in 1982, at 105 Pondella Rd, in N. Fort Myers. He was then joined by his brother, Dr. Rick A. Means in January of 1987, where the practice was moved to business 41. In 1992, the brothers built their new office at 150 Pondella Road. This new clinic, at 8900 square feet, is the largest freestanding Chiropractic office in the state of Florida.

This clinic was built for the sole purpose of helping the brothers in pursuing their goal of reaching out to the community, and helping as many families as possible, to regain TRUE health through Specific Chiropractic care.

Over the past 30 years, they have had the privilege of educating and adjusting literally thousands of people, not just from N. Ft. Myers, but from across the country. The doctors are dedicated to reaching and helping many more in the next 30 years.

In March of 2013, Dr. Rick's son, Dr. Rick Means II, joined the two brothers on their mission to bring health to the world. They are committed and fired up to help you on your journey towards health!