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Services at Means Family Chiropractic Clinic


The nervous system controls and coordinates ALL functions of your body. If this system is not functioning properly, the body cannot perform optimally. In our current health care system most people wait until they have symptoms before they go to the doctor. The problem is, once symptoms occur the disease/sickness has been in the body for some time. It stands to reason that symptoms are a very poor way to measure ones health. A properly functioning nervous system is vital to health and function!

Here is where chiropractic comes in. Our unique contribution is that we look beyond the symptom or disease and search for the original cause: lack of life! You see, daily stress can cause the bones that protect your nervous system (vertebrae, or spinal bones) to misalign and put pressure on the nervous system, interfering with the body's normal ability to function. This interference is called vertebral subluxation, and only chiropractors are trained to detect and correct it!

Here at Means Family Chiropractic, we look to the spine and nervous system in order to unleash the body's healing power within. It is so simple; people often overlook the true benefits of chiropractic. When the spine is in line and the nervous system fully connected, the body heals itself!